Behind the Scenes with Laurel Bee and BaneGrimm

I recently had the opportunity to work with BaneGrimm and Laurel Bee, and take some video footage from behind the scenes during a photoshoot. Go check it out – Also, I just republished the Etsy shop, so go check that out too. Be sure to share it with your friends!

Laurel Bee

Deadlance Steamworks

Skull Guitar Strap Sample Video

Hey guys, John from Deadlance Steamworks here. I just wanted to show you some tooling I’ve been working on. If you have any ideas for more video content you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below. Subscribe and stay tuned for more video content coming soon. […]

Wolf Deckbox Time Lapse Video

Just published a deckbox time lapse over on Youtube. Go check it out! And make sure you subscribe to the Youtube page! Also don’t be afraid to share the video with your friends!

Wolf Deckbox

Val, Queen of Thieves, LV4

Inspirational Artwork – The work of Yu Cheng Hong

Every human being is an artist, in their own right, regardless of whether they admit it or not. Every artist has, on occasion, encountered a creative block, a stressful time where they are incapable of being able to create effectively, or just gotten burnt out. That creative block can be […]

New Portfolio Items Added!

Today, I have added a handful of images to my portfolio. Things I’ve been neglecting to upload for a while now. Go check them out. You can find them all in the main menu at the top of the page. Here’s a small sample.


Warlock Armor

Don’t be too scared, it’s just a warlock… The Warlock… Hand crafted over the course of hundreds of hours, using the finest vegetable tanned leather. All of it is hand painted and dyed. Photographer – Sandra JK Pagan Model – Brian Spear Painter – Scott Van Eck Be sure to […]

Illustrated Girl Kickstarter

“Illustrated Girl is the story of Sandra, a girl whose dreams are plagued by an entity known only as Nightshade. Each night she awakes to find herself covered in glowing markings, and even though they fade quickly, she fears the images are hiding in her skin. This young girl must face […]

Illustrated Girl


Out with the Old, In with the New!

This post is really just a bit of a website update. I’ve been trying to really weed out a lot of the mess that has been in the background of my website for a long time, and really bring some of the new things I’ve done to the forefront. There […]

Leather Magic the Gathering Accessories

Deadlance Steamworks can produce some of the most unique, fan art based Magic the Gathering products in existence! We’ve done deckboxes, notepad / lifepad covers, playmats, playmat storage tubes, and even backpacks! Below is a taste of the things we’ve made.   Each item is hand made out of extremely […]


Deadlance Steamworks at the Underground Monster Carnival

Deadlance Steamworks first Underground Monster Carnival was the beginning of this month. It is an intriguing event that has flair for horror genres, steampunk, and of course cryptozoology. The booth had the display of the extremely exotic Steampunk Battle Princess, which is currently up for sale, among other things. Of […]