Inspirational Artwork – The work of Yu Cheng Hong

Every human being is an artist, in their own right, regardless of whether they admit it or not. Every artist has, on occasion, encountered a creative block, a stressful time where they are incapable of being able to create effectively, or just gotten burnt out. That creative block can be soothed over with a good healthy dose of inspiration. Hopefully, that inspiration can come from this blog. Without further ado, let me introduce the inspirational artist being featured in this blog, Yu Chen Hong.

Fantasy Airship
Fantasy Airship by Yu Cheng Hong
Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship by Yu Cheng Hong
Vesa, Sword Salvager
Vesa, Sword Salvager by Yu Cheng Hong
Sylvari by Yu Cheng Hong

Personally, I have been inspired by this artist for a very long time. His perfect choice of colors, the mind-blowing level of detail, the utterly amazing conceptualizing, and the sheer power invoked in each piece, make my mind race with ideas and thoughts. Each piece is thought provoking and a wonderful source of inspiration. When I view Yu Chen’s artwork, I am pushed to add more details to my own. I feel directed to seek out each little area and add as much detail as possible. They say, the devil is in the details.

Here’s how you can view more of Yu Cheng Hong’s artwork, or even get in contact with him to commission your own custom piece of artwork.


Val, Queen of Thieves
Val, Queen of Thieves by Yu Cheng Hong


Val, Queen of Thieves, LV4
Val, Queen of Thieves, LV4 by Yu Cheng Hong

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