Octopodicon 2

Octopodicon 2 (http://www.octopodicon.org) is in just a few days! I will be attending the convention as a professor and a vendor. Come see me and some of my work in person.

On Saturday, I will have lots of guests at my booth! If you’re a fan of the great Sandra JK Pagan (http://sugar-hips-ramblings.tumblr.com/) – She will be on site for a while, doing what she does best. The Battle Princess herself, Angela Meade, will be there. Come take a picture with her!

On Sunday, join me for a makeshop, and learn how to make a wrist cuff. The cost is $20, payable to the convention, and sit in a class with me. You’ll get the leather, buckles, rivets, etc, to make your own cuff, and instruction from me on how to make it. We will do a little tooling, leather dying, and just have some good ole’ art class type fun.

Also, don’t forget to visit my website – http://www.deadlance.com – and my Etsy shophttp://www.etsy.com/shop/deadlance

And, finally for those of you who are my friends but don’t follow my leatherworking facebook page, you really should be following me and my work. http://www.facebook.com/deadlanceSteamworks

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