Revize Deckbox – Timelapse Video

A while back I started a YouTube channel and started uploading videos of myself making various things I get commissioned for. I keep forgetting to post them here and that needs to change.

Anyway, so this go ’round is a video of a deckbox commission I recently took. This one is black and purple with a silver swing clasp. It has “Revize” on the front and a “hero symbol” on the back. I’m not sure what the symbol is from, but it’s pretty neat anyway. Go check it out.

Also, while you’re perusing some of my details here on my website, feel free to hop over to Patreon and support me there. It’s the perfect way to show me some love and help me build a sustainable income from my artwork. Every little bit of support helps me out more than I can explain. One more thing… please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there.

Anyway, here’s the video!

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