Inspirational Artwork – The work of Yu Cheng Hong

Every human being is an artist, in their own right, regardless of whether they admit it or not. Every artist has, on occasion, encountered a creative block, a stressful time where they are incapable of being able to create effectively, or just gotten burnt out. That creative block can be […]

Pay it Forward Project

Do you know someone who deserves something awesome, but can’t or won’t get it for themselves? You should submit this awesome individual to our Pay it Forward Project. From time to time, we’ll go through the list and choose someone we think is extra deserving of something nice, and do […]

Free Giveaway!

Until February 1st, 2014, I am holding a FREE GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page. Yes, it’s free. That means I am paying for shipping and everything. There’s no cost, no charge, no shenanigans. All I am asking  is that you “like” my facebook page, and enter your name and email […]

The Baron von Bouldin wields the Crimson Commander!

The Baron von Bouldin, wielding the Crimson Commander Gauntlet at the Pagan Ball.  Obviously, the best dressed at the party! Thanks for the picture! A message from the Baron – “Your product was highest quality. I especially enjoyed the custom design process. The extra detail in the lighting mechanism really […]